Lock structure (Luneplate)

The lock structure is located at the main dike line and is thus an integral part of the land protection dike. In the case of storm surges, failure of the lifting gates would result in flooding of parts of the city of Bremerhaven and/or in the failure of hinterland drainage.

The provision of two lifting gates, designed as sliding gates, for the Weser lock end and two sliding gates for the land-side lock end was planned. Normally, the gates always remain open. They are only closed during major flood events in order to protect the hinterland against flooding.

The lifting gates are moved by hydraulic cylinders arranged on both sides of the gates.

Scope of planning:
- Lifting gates: Height = 6350 mm, width = 13700 mm
- Drive unit bracket with cardan frame
- Hydraulic cylinders: tensile fore = 463 kN
- Gate locking system

Structural planning
Technical equipment