Flood protection gate (Ladenburg, Neckar)

The new flood barrage is used as flood protection for the Ladenburg side canal and the town of Ilvesheim and was constructed as a replacement for the old flood barrage. The former barrage gate dates back to 1931. It was replaced by the new one due to its deteriorated condition. The new flood barrage is located approx. 30.0 m downstream of the bridge for the L 542 road, which connects the towns of Ilvesheim and Ladenburg.

The flood barrage is a tainter gate and is supported on swivel blocks anchored in abutments. The two abutments on the north and south Neckar canal banks are solid concrete structures. In its open position, the flood barrage rests on locking devices on both sides. The sill crossing the canal is a pre-cast element and was lifted into position as a whole. In order to provide an excavation pit and reduce seepage, sheet pile walls were positioned on both sill sides in the canal.

Except for the scheduled full and partial closures, the Neckar waterway was kept clear for navigation during the entire construction period.

Scope of planning:
- Gate body
- Drive units
- Pivot and cylinder bearings
- Locking
- Lateral guide
- Reinforcements
- Access on the gate
- Rinsing pumps

Technical data:
- Supported width: 47.75 m
- Max. water level: 8.10 m
- Skinplate radius: 11.80 m
- Gate weight: approx. 250 t

Structural planning
Project planning
Manufacture supervision