Floatable upstream inspection gate for lock in Viereth, Schweinfurt and Ottendorf (Viereth, Main)

The Waterway Construction Authority of Aschaffenburg planned to modify the structure and/or refurbish the weir system in Viereth. In the framework of this measure, a new, floatable upstream inspection gate was provided.

The upstream inspection gate consists of a floatable and submersible gate, which is positioned between the pillars on the upstream side and shuts off the construction fields as an upstream excavation confinement. The upstream inspection gate has six tension segments, which may be opened by means of electrical lifting cylinders and remote control for flood discharge. This allows for a flood release of approx. 300 m³/sec through the excavation.

The gate was designed so that it may be installed at three different weir systems. The inspection gate is positioned transversely between the weir pillars of the relevant weir system by means of a tugboat, so that the upper pipe is in contact with the bearing bracket of the pillar and the bottom pipe floats between the pillars. For the scheduled lowering of the upstream inspection gate, the upper pipe is flooded first. It will hence rest on the bearing bracket, where it is held in position by ropes. Subsequently, the bottom pipe is flooded. The gate rotates from the floating position into the damming position via the upper pipe resting on the bearing bracket.

Scope of planning:
- Basic and execution planning
- Installation analysis for 3 weir systems
- Transport analysis

Technical data:
- Width: approx. 35 m
- Height: approx. 8 m
- Damming height: up to 6.30 m
- Weight: 210 t

Structural planning
Project planning
Technical equipment
Manufacture supervision