Weir Lengfurt (Lengfurt/Triefenstein)

Subsequent to a ship collision, the right-hand weir barrel at Lengfurt weir was subjected to a structural analysis in accordance with the TbVS memo of the Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau and a new structural analysis was made as an as-built analysis for the construction state during the refurbishment.

The implementation of the replacement of the damaged structural components of the barrel was planned readily within a tender documentation including bill of quantities and specifications. In addition, a structural steel support for the construction state of the weir was planned.

The steel construction procedure was monitored regularly by steel structure and corrosion protection experts during manufacture in the workshop and on site in the course of a production monitoring procedure pursuant to the MEKS memo of the Bun-desanstalt für Wasserbau.

Project planning
Structural engineering
Production monitoring