Kleine Weser Weir (Bremen)

The Kleine Weser weir comprises two radial gates controlling the water levels of the upstream Kleine Weser river and the Werder lake. The flood channel has to be activated at each flood incident on the Weser river (Werder lake and Kleine Weser). To be ensure the required discharge, the gate must be lifted so that the cross-section (2 x 24 m panel width) is opened. In addition, a flood event is to be adjusted to a specific tailwater level.

The purpose of the Kleine Weser weir is hence the adjustment of several hydrostatic and hydrodynamic tasks in an area where headwater flow and storm tide may occur both individually and in combination.

In addition, the weir system comprises two bypass channels which originally served for controlling the headwater level without moving the sector gate. One of the bypasses was modified into a fishpass in 1999 and was fitted with an inlet and outlet gate. The gate located in the opposite bypass is still in its original design and function.

A valve gate with pedestals had been provided for as inspection gate in the original design. This was modified into a rest system with stoplogs.

A structural investigation identified civil and hydromechanical steel structure damage requiring refurbishment and affecting all above-described components of the weir System.

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