Weir (Rheinfelden)

In the course of the new construction of Rheinfelden weir and power station, the new weir was to be constructed 130 m downstream of the existing weir in a first construction stage.

The system comprises 7 weir fields, each with a width of 24.5 m, separated by 4 m wide piers. The total width of the weir system between weir island and pier on the Swiss side is thus 195.50 m. The length is approx. 47 m in the direction of the river.

Three of the 7 radial gates are fitted with flaps. The capacity of each opened radial gate is 840 m³/sec, and is reduced to 790 m³/sec when six gates are operated. The capacity of each lowered flap is 95 m³/sec. Recesses for the provision of inspection gates were provided upstream and downstream of the gates.

The weir is a reinforced concrete structure with 7 weir fields with a width of 24.50 m each. The pier width is 4.00 m. The numbering of the fields starts on the Swiss side. The weir threshold is located at an elevation of 263.60 m NSH and depicts a bend with a radius of 2.50 m. The threshold connects to a stilling basin with a length of 17.82 m, which is closed by a barrier with a length of 7.30 m and a height of 3 m. The stilling basin floor plate has a thickness of 3.50 m.

Scope of planning:
- Weir system of 7 weir fields for damming up to elevation 269.10 m NSH (270.50 m upon completion of the powerhouse in the 2nd stage, and hence the design case)
- Weir island between weir and existing inlet canal to old powerhouse
- Closing dam between weir and Swiss bank
- Refurbishment of headwater canal to old powerhouse
- Construction bridge between German bank and weir island as well as to the individual excavations
- Dismantling of the old weir upon completion of the new weir

Project planning
Structural planning
Technical equipment
Manufacture supervision