Megolo power station - trashrack cleaning machine (Megolo, Italy)

The run-of-river power station of Megolo was completely refurbished by ANDINO Hydropower Engineering S.à.r.l.. In the course of the refurbishment work, the power station was equipped with new turbines, new generators and new measuring and control technology. In addition, a reputable manufacturer of trashrack cleaning machines supplied six new trashracks and six new telescopic trashrack cleaning machines.

These new trashrack cleaning machines were susceptible to malfunctions from the beginning. After the system had been operated with lots of problems for about 1 year, IRS were commissioned as surveyors to examine the system.

IRS performed an on-site inspection. The investigation showed that the system had serious deficiencies, which were document in IRS's survey. Subsequent to the on-site inspection, IRS analysed the Structural planning. It turned out that the manufacturer of the telescopic cleaning machines had installed a serial product that was designed for a narrower trashrack, shorter telescopes and lower flow velocities. Furthermore, the load case of "debris impact" had not been taken into account. The conclusion of the survey and the in-depth review of the Structural planning was that the system had been significantly underdimensioned.

Under IRS's supervision and inspection, the trashrack cleaning machine manufacturer performed the design and structural calculations for a new system. Thanks to the support of IRS, some significant structural improvements were achieved on the system.

The new trashrack cleaning machine was manufactured under the supervision of IRS. The new system was commissioned under the supervision of IRS, too. The new telescopic cleaning machines have been running trouble-free and operated as required since mid-2012.

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