Sill tunnel (Wilhelmshaven)

The sill tunnel is used for draining the rail areas of the outer and inside heads of the lock chambers between the sill stops of the sliding gates. At the same time, the gate chamber is drained due to the vertical arrangement of a so-called lock chamber gate. After draining and cleaning the areas made accessible, renewal work may be performed on the undercarriage rails.

The sill tunnel consists of horizontally arranged tunnel elements as well as a vertically arranged lock chamber gate. The supporting structure consists of welded frames with central supports, as well as an orthotropic stiffened plate integrated into the frames. A continuous base plate is welded beneath the laterally arranged wall structures. The front ends of the individual tunnel elements are provided with a sealing flange. A specially shaped seal is fixed beneath the base plate of the wall structure; it is intended to ensure both the sealing between the relevant tunnel element and the concrete sill and the load discharge. In order to compensate concrete tolerances of the sill sufficiently, as well as to achieve as even a load distribution as possible, a sufficiently dimensioned, durable and elastic bearing is provided.

Technical data:
Clear width = 12500 mm
Clear height = 2000 mm
Length = approx. 52 m

Project planning