Extension of Eefde Lock (Twente Canal, Netherlands)

Eefde Lock is located on Twente Canal in the Netherlands, which is an important transport route from and to Twente. With regard to the economic development of Twente, it is important that larger vessels are able to reach the ports of Hengelo, Enschede and Almelo. In order to eliminate the existing bottleneck at the lock and reduce the long waiting times for vessels, the decision was made to expand the existing lock by another chamber.

IRS was awarded the contract by the Dutch bidding consortium of Besix / Lievense CSO / Agidens / DEMAKO to provide engineering services for the preliminary and design planning of the hydro-mechanical structures for the new lock chamber. A particular challenge was the optimisation of the space requirement and the cost for the gates as well as the hydro-mechanical equipment.

Scope of planning:
- Planning of a radial gate with filling curvature in the lock head
- Planning of a mitre gate with emptying flaps in the lock tail
- Planning of a passive anti-collision device (beam) on the lock head
- Planning of an active anti-collision device (beam) on the lock tail
- Planning of inspection gates (stoplogs)
- Planning of an active anti-collision device (beam) for the existing lock
- Quantity determination and technical consulting

Technical data:
- Chamber width: 12.50 m
- Lock lifting height: ~9.00 m
- Largest gate height (mitre gate): ~13.35 m
- Impact energy to be absorbed (anti-collision devices): 2.5 MJ

Project planning
Structural planning