Complete refurbishment of left lock chamber (Hessigheim, Neckar)

In 2010, a beam floating on the river Neckar damaged the left chamber of the twin lock, which had been in operation for over 50 years. Due to its age-related condition, the authority in charge of the development of the river Neckar had the head and tail gates replaced by standardised mitre gates planned by IRS and also had the mechanical systems renewed.

IRS planned the required modifications in cooperation with KREBS+KIEFER (solid construction) and DriveCon (electrical engineering):

Solid construction from design planning to preparation of tender documentation and execution planning Among other things, the gate stops and the drive pits had to be adapted for the installation of the new gates. In order to technically upgrade the system stability, the engineers decided to install reinforcement bars into the existing lock tail. They were placed in vertical tap holes and grouted. Powerhouses and operation buildings had to be modified and partially rebuilt in order to accommodate the state-of-the-art electrical equipment. All this was done in extremely restricted space; in addition, the right chamber had to remain in operation for navigation during the entire period of execution.

Scope of planning:
- Planning of the adaptation of steel structure elements due to the requirements of the inventory
- Planning of the adaptation of accesses to the left chamber
- Adaptation of the air bubble installation for ice prevention
- Planning of the adaptation of accesses to the right chamber (increase to new elevation of the left chamber)

Project planning
Structural planning
Technical equipment
Manufacture supervision