Planning of a trashrack cleaning machine for the new power station (Rheinfelden)

In the course of the new construction planning of the hydropower station of Rheinfelden, IRS was commissioned with planning of a trashrack cleaning machine for the new coarse rake system in the canal of the power station.

The new trashrack cleaning machine was designed to remove the floating debris retained by the new coarse rake. The volume of debris varies significantly between the seasons and the Rhine water levels. Based on experience from the flood event in 1999, a debris volume of up to 100 m³ had to be considered for extreme situations.

According to the given conditions, IRS proposed a rotating orange peel bucket fitted with a gripper and a trough scraper, arranged on a trashrack bridge. A rail system provided on the trashrack bridge allows for moving the trashrack cleaning machine over the entire rake length.

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