Weir Viereth (Viereth, Main)

With an age of over 80 years, the oldest weir system on the river Main had long reached its theoretical end of lifetime.  With their comprehensive expertise, IRS contributed significantly to the refurbishment of the system.

Among other things, the damaged weir roller gates were to be replaced with fish-belly flap gates. The new gates cope better with today's constant fine adjustments.

The planning tasks included the design of the new gate bodies (including pivot bearings, reinforcements and drive frames), as well as the downstream excavation confinement during construction in the weir field. In addition, a floating inspection gate was planned to be used on the upstream side. This inspection gate also allows for flood release.

In the course of the refurbishment of the weir system, the worn walkways were also replaced.

Structural planning
Project planning
Manufacture supervision