Survey and maintenance planning for right-hand roller gate (Viereth, Main)

The oldest weir system on the river Main showed very serious vibrations during operation in 2008. The right-hand roller gate was drained in 2009, and IRS was commissioned to record the damage on the roller gate bearings (sprockets/toothed track), analyse the effect on operation and develop a refurbishment concept including a schedule for construction and a cost estimate.

The result of the analysis was that refurbishment of the damaged areas would be technically feasible, yet economically disproportionate to the desired extension of the gate's lifetime/service life. Based on this, additional studies regarding the gate replacement (change of system - tainter gate/tension gates/etc.) were carried out by IRS in cooperation with the client (Waterways and Shipping Authority of Schweinfurt).

Scope of planning:
- On-site recording of damaged areas
- Inventory plan analysis
- Construction progress review
- Cost estimates and calculation

Technical data:
- Gate type: Submersible roller gate
- Span: 30 m
- Water level: 6.30 m
- Moved load: approx. 135 tonnes