Maintenance and upgrading work on the river Main weirs (Erlabrunn, Harrbach, Steinbach, Rothenfels, Freudenberg)

In the project "Maintenance and upgrading work on the river Main Weirs", the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft 5 Mainwehre" [5 River Main Weirs Joint Venture] - consisting of IRS, KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, Karlsruhe, and grbv Ingenieure im Bauwesen GmbH, Hanover - performed the survey and preliminary planning for the 5 weir systems (Erlabrunn, Harrbach, Steinbach, Rothenfels, Freudenberg).

In this context, comprehensive material analyses, structural inspections, structural surveys structural recalculations (solid construction in acc. with TbW and hydro-mechanical structures) were carried out as well as preliminary planning for the refurbishment, gate replacement (system change) and the new construction of the weirs at their revised location. Upon completion, the technically and economically most feasible solution for handling the 5 prioritised weirs on the river Main was presented to the Waterway Construction Authority of Aschaffenburg.

Scope of planning:
- Concept for material removal (solid construction, steel structures, subsoil)
- Preparation of tender documentation for material removal
- Supervision of material removal (solid construction, steel structures, subsoil)
- Structural inspections on solid construction/steel structures with condition survey
- Preparation of material analyses and construction material surveys
- Preparation of structural surveys and determination of the refurbishment scope
- Structural recalculations of solid construction in acc. with TbW
- Recalculation of hydro-mechanical structures according to currently applicable codes and standards
- Planning for refurbishment of weirs (solid construction/steel structures), gate replacement with/without gate change in existing weir and new construction of weir
- Economic feasibility studies with lifetime consideration
- Construction process considerations
- Project planning for implementation of measures

Technical data:
- Gate types: Submersible roller gates, normal roller gates, triple-braced gates, roller gates with flap
- Spans: 30 m and 35 m
- Water levels: 6.30 m to 6.90 m
- Moving load: up to 185 tonnes

Construction planning
Structural planning
Technical equipment