Lock repair (Gerlachshausen, Main)

Gerlachshausen lock is located on the river Main upstream of Würzburg. It was constructed in 1956 and commissioned in 1957. The chamber width is 12 m. The lock is fitted with mitre gates with filling flaps on the lock head, centre and tail.

The filling flaps on the lock tail were to be replaced during a closing for shipping; the vibration problems occurring during the filling process were also to be remedied at the same time.

IRS performed investigations regarding the vibration problems and the planning of structural improvements/modifications on the mitre gate to eliminate the vibrations.

Scope of planning:
- Studies regarding the vibration problems
- Variant studies
- Planning of new filling flaps on the lock tail including all rollers
- Planning of new guiding structures and baffles on the mitre gates
- Planning of the new paint coating system on the modified structures and repair of the corrosion protection on the mitre gates
- Planning of a wear-proof coating on the seal sliding faces

Project planning
Structural planning