Weir "Stuhlmüller" (Schnellermühle) (Berghausen)

Stuhlmüller weir (Schnellermühle) was completed in the course of the correction of the river Pfinz as a single-section weir designed as fishbelly flap with counterweight in 1971. The weir width was 16 m, the gate height was approx. 1.6 m. The construction state of the gate was very bad when inspected in October 2016. The drive system did not comply with any current safety requirements (machine directive).

The new weir system was designed with two weir sections. Consequently, a new weir pillar of reinforced concrete had to be provided in the weir system centre. The weir gates were designed as a welded fishbelly flaps with a single-side drive mechanism. The gate widths amount to approx. 7.70 m, the head level is approx. 2.20 m. The gates are driven via an electrical cylinder. To allow for draining the construc-tion area, new inspection gates were designed as stop log gates.

Project planning
Structural engineering